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PostSubject: Rains   Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:31 pm

Quote :
American rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana Formed in 2000, the group's name is derived from a former co-worker of lead vocalist, Jeff. The band originally consisted of vocalist/guitarist Jeff Rains, guitarist Jason Anderson acoustic guitarist Zach Ruetz, bassist Joe Pitter, and drummer Joe Schultz. Ruetz was replaced by acoustic guitarist, Allen Whitt, in 2010. Rains parted ways with Whitt in 2010 and continued on as a four piece. Pitter was replaced with Matt Hopkins in the fall of 2011.
Their debut album Stories was released in 2010. Following its release, the band began touring as a supporting act with various bands including Evans Blue, Taddy Porter and Framing Hanley. The first single, "Liar", has had over 1100 spins on SiriusXM's Octane channel, and went Top 10 on their playlist. The second single, "Look In My Eyes", rose into the Top 5 on Sirius/XM's Octane.
Rains parted ways with their management/indie label, Sounds and Sights, in early 2011 and began operating as an independent artist. They released their single "Look In My Eyes" in the fall of 2011 and also, recorded and released a music video for the track. The band was the opening artist on the North American Share The Welt Tour 2011 with Five Finger Death Punch. The tour also included the bands All That Remains (band) and Hatebreed. In February 2012, Rains toured as support with Black Stone Cherry and Cavo. March ushered in the four pieces first headline North American tour.

Look In My Eyes:

e̢̱͖̦̱͈̘̟̊ͫͯ̄ͮͪ͑̈12:e͎͔̞̹̪̋̾s̈́ͬ̆͏̴͔͔̥͚̻̙͓,̢̇̂ͥ͒҉̡̹ͅu̓̒ͫ̃ͬ͐ͤͯ̚͏̩̝̞̬͇̮01 A ̭̣̩̼͚͙̭̪ͩͬ́̄̚̕
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