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 To The Moon

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PostSubject: To The Moon   Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:09 pm

To the moon is made by Freebird Games. I played it back in December of last year after seeing an episode of Cry playing it then went back and watched the rest when I was finished. But oh man, the feels in the game. I was crying by the end. Like, I thought I could keep my cool. Nope. But yeah, To the Moon is an indie Adventure RPG, about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish.

Heres Some Reviews:

“I guess the music’s kinda nice.”
- Developer’s Aunt

“How do I explain why it’s brilliant without spoiling what makes it so?”
- Eurogamer 9/10

“It’s simple, poignant, and full of heart.”
- PC World (GamePro) 10/10

I recommend it if you like games with stories and atmosphere. The soundtrack is lovely. I think its like 12 bucks. Best game I've ever played. I'd give it a 10/10.

Also heres a link to the soundtrack if you'd like to check it out.

e̢̱͖̦̱͈̘̟̊ͫͯ̄ͮͪ͑̈12:e͎͔̞̹̪̋̾s̈́ͬ̆͏̴͔͔̥͚̻̙͓,̢̇̂ͥ͒҉̡̹ͅu̓̒ͫ̃ͬ͐ͤͯ̚͏̩̝̞̬͇̮01 A ̭̣̩̼͚͙̭̪ͩͬ́̄̚̕
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ADV: Recruit - Stage 2

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PostSubject: Re: To The Moon   Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:33 pm

fuck, i didn't see this. i'd have to disagree with your reccomedation though, everyone buy this game, it was well worth the 8 bucks and keyboard replacement (cuz of jizzing all over it).
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PostSubject: Re: To The Moon   Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:32 am

Two doctors hmmm...
I think this was based off of a true story >_>

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All Dynamite.
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PostSubject: Re: To The Moon   

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To The Moon
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