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 Marble Hornets

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PostSubject: Marble Hornets   Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:14 pm

Ha. I wasnt sure where to put this. But since its a video series I'll put it here.

Quote :
Youtube series/ARG. It was the first Slenderman ARG to be created, and set the trend for those that followed, as well as bringing Slenderman to a wider audience and influencing canon. It is the leader of the Big Three and chiefly responsible for shaping the modern Mythos. MH is based around the filmings of Jay, known as Entries. To date, there are 61 entries, along with two ".5" entries, one anonymous ##### entry and 30 accompanying IG videos from the series' unkown antagonist, totheark.

I enjoy them. I've been rewatching them after stopping at 45 a while back.


e̢̱͖̦̱͈̘̟̊ͫͯ̄ͮͪ͑̈12:e͎͔̞̹̪̋̾s̈́ͬ̆͏̴͔͔̥͚̻̙͓,̢̇̂ͥ͒҉̡̹ͅu̓̒ͫ̃ͬ͐ͤͯ̚͏̩̝̞̬͇̮01 A ̭̣̩̼͚͙̭̪ͩͬ́̄̚̕
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Marble Hornets
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