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 Street Fighter

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ADV: Corporal - Stage 1
ADV: Corporal - Stage 1

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PostSubject: Street Fighter   Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:46 pm

Has any one played StreetFighter? Any Street Fighter fans?
Which Street Fighter did you play? SF2, SSF2 (Super StreetFighter 2), SSFT2? (Super Street Fighter Turbo 2) StreetFighter 3/Second Impact/Thrid Strike? Street Fighter Alpha 1/2/ or 3? Street Fighter EX?? or the newest ones Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV?
Whoseyour favorite/main character to play with?
Do you like the new graphics Capcom has made the SF series in as opposed to the traditional 2D? Or do you prefer the 2D?
Let's Conversate.

As for me;
I'm a StreetFighter fan/ the first SF game I played was Super Street Fighter Turbo II on Nintendo 64, (mmmm Good ol Days rabbit ) but I didnt reach my actual stride in playing Street Fighter until I played Street Fighter Alpha 3.
I play with Ryu/Ken/Sakura/Juni/Juli/Cammy/ and I played alittle with Juri.
I dont like the new graphics...they all look weired and look more like Super Steriod Fighters than Street Fighters.
Hopefully SF V will be back in some sorta 2D awesomeness like KoFXIII or Blazblue-esk.

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Street Fighter
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