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 Tornadus-T The Bird of Destruction

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PostSubject: Tornadus-T The Bird of Destruction   Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:47 pm



A merciless bird out on the hunt in the rain,Tornadus-T makes its appearance and completely annihilates whatever stands in its way. With an amazing 121 speed Tornadus-T out speeds most of the metagame with ease.Combined with a above average 110 special attack and a average 100 attack Tornadus-T is great for any offensive team.Its average defenses are helped when combined with the Regenerator ability. Due to this and its amazing sets that can easily abuse the weather or not, Tornadus-T can become a great choice for Rain teams and should also be a considered pokemon to use even in weatherless.

Set#1- Rain Abuser
Item: Life Orb
Trait: Regenerator
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
- U-turn / Taunt
- Hurricane
- Focus Blast / Superpower
- Grass Knot / Heat Wave / Hidden Power[Ice]

The typical rain abuser who comes in to hit hard with a powerful STAB move and then switch out or U-turn away.This set needs Politoed to get rain up so it can abuse the move Hurricane. U-turn allows Tornadus-T to switch out easily,and with its incredible speed it always gets to go first when doing this. At speeds this fast Taunt also works which can stop other pokes who may want to setup for some reason or try to get hazards on the field which may stop Tornadus-Ts sweeping potential. With rain being the dominant weather Tornadus-Ts Hurricane becomes a great offensive tool capable of easily OHKOing most of the metagame and 2HKOing the rest who do not resist. Focus Blast can hit Blissey,Tyranitar,and other Steel types hard while Superpower can OHKO all Tyranitar sets without a Chople Berry and doesn't have the chance of missing like Focus Blast. Grass Knot hits certain Ground types outside of rain. Heatwave can also be used outside of rain and is an effective way to hit Skarmory and Ferrothorn. Hidden Power Ice hits opposing flying types hard as well as the infamous dragons that roam OU. If Life Orb isn't your style you can always give it choice specs which increases its KOing power tenfold and allows it 3HKO even the most bulky of walls(The Chanseys and Blisseys).

Other sets can be a physical Bulk Up sweeper who can rid of Tyranitar and Chanseys more easily but isn't as good as being a rain abuser.Even with Regenerator Tornadus-T hates Stealth Rocks as they lower its sweeping potential and it usually requires a Rapid Spinner.Tentacruel usually fit into this picture as they are also good rain abusers. Other threats to Tornadus-T include Scarfed Genesect who can Ice beam and thunderbolt Tornadus easily or Scarf Rotom-W. Mamoswine can also easily Ice shard any Tornadus-T without much worry so any powerful physical wall should help. Tornadus-T usually depends on the rain to stay active so expect to have some serious weather wars. Other than that its as simple has keeping stealth Rocks off of your side of the field and keeping Tornadus-Ts threats and counters down.

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Tornadus-T The Bird of Destruction
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