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PostSubject: Thundurus-T    Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:20 am


Volt Absorb



Placed Tier:OU


During the rise of Pokemon Black and White 2,the Therian forms arrived,each with powerful offensive tools and new abilities to rule over the OU metagame,one of these therian pokes was Thundurus,who gained more power than could be handled.With a shocking 145 base special attack Thundurus-T can easily wreak havoc in OU.This combined with its good array of moves to chose from and somewhat above average speed make Thundurus-T a top threat that makes it not only a good sweeper,but a good wall breaker and revenge killer as well. Thundurus-T is also a great option for rain teams as they can greatly benefit from it. So now feast your eyes on one of the most mighty therian forms to date,Thundurus-T.

Set #1: Nasty Plot

Item:Life Orb / Expert Belt
Ability:Volt Absorb
EVs:252 SATK / 4 SDEF / 252 SPE
Nature: Timid

- Nasty Plot
- Thunder Bolt
- Hidden Power Ice / Grass Knot
- Focus Blast

Set Explanation:This set aims to boost Thundurus-Ts already overkill special attack to even higher levels.After one Nasty Plot Thundurus-T special attack reaches an astonishing 778,which is sure to leave whatever faces it shaking in fear,even if it happens to be a Eviolite Chansey or Blissey.A STAB Thunder Bolt coming off of this thing after a nasty Plot does a insane amount of of damage,wrecking whatever was,or used to be in sight. Hidden Power Ice can be used to hit anything Dragon related,making sure they are down for the count,this also helps with Landorus as well. Grass Knot can be used instead to hit Tyranitar and other Rock or Ground Types but mainly Gastrodon and Swampert,who can wall this set. Focus Blast is a Tyranitar's nightmare,mainly ones that don't carry the Chople Berry,Focus Blast also decimates things like Ferrothorn who thing they can stand up to the might of Thundurus-T.
If you happen to be using a rain team,which Thundurus-T operates better on it would be best to replace Thunder bolt with Thunder,which is more powerful and has a higher chance to paralyze the opponents pokemon. This Thundurus-T set however fails to anything that is scarfed that can hit it with a super effective move,some notable examples are Genesect,Scarfed Landorusand Terrakion,and even Ditto which can easily take the Nasty Plot boost and counter sweep. This set works best with Stealth rock and other entry hazards support,and is usually at its most effective at mid or late game.

Set #2: Choice The Thunder
Item:Choice Scarf / Choice Specs
Ability:Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 SATK / 4 SDEF / 252 SPE

- Volt Switch
- Thunder Bolt
- Hidden Power Ice / Grass Knot
- Focus Blast

Set Explanation:Maybe you don't have time to setup a nasty Plot,or you may want a powerful revenge killer or wall breaker,maybe even a little of both worlds,well your problems are solved because a Choice Scarfed or Choice Specs Thundurus-T is the answer. With a Choice Scarf attached Thundurus-T can easily outspeed its threats of the past like Scarf Genesect and can also outspeed certain sweepers like a Dragonite at +1 speed,even a Salamence at +1 speed. With a Specs attached it can switch out at will while delivering massive amounts of damage that can tear large holes in the opponents team. Volt Switch is the main move here,it allows Thundurus-T to finish off weakened pokes and also adds momentum to teams,this is real helpful to teams with a VoltTurn like core. Thunder Bolt comes as a useful STAB move that can annihilate things that think they can live a hit from Thundurus-T. Hidden Power Ice hits the Dragons as well as Gliscor and Landorus,while Hidden Power Grass is a good check against Gastrodon and Swampert. Focus Blast reduces Steel and Rock types to oblivion.
With a Scarfed attached Thundurus-T is mainly a speedy revenge killer and sweeper.It easily out speeds other 100 base speed and lower pokes that thought they could be a threat such as Genesect and Salamence. With a Specs attached on Thundurus-T,its a powerful wall breaker and sweeper with a hint of revenge killing,but it can be out sped and easily taken care of so use with care.

Thundurus-T is an amazing poke that was introduced in the transition to BW2,with its powerful 145 base attack and 101 base speed it is sure to be a top threat to any unprepared team,and even prepared teams at that. However,Thundurus-T has a Stealth Rocks weakness and its 79 / 70 / 80 defenses are not the best.Mamoswine can easily rid of Thundurus-T with a simple Ice Shard,even a Banded Scizors Bullet Punch can do hefty amounts of damage to it. Scarfed Terrakion out speeds all Thundurus-T and can OHKO with Stone Edge unless you happen to choose Agility over Nasty Plot. Defensive Politoed can easily take on Mamoswine and Scizor and can use Thundurus-T to absorb Electric type attacks via Volt Absorb,also even Gastrodon,who can take Rock type attacks for Thundurus-T make liable partners. In the end Thundurus-T is a pretty dangerous but frail sweeper but can dominate the game when played correctly.

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