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 Landorus-T The Terra Therain

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PostSubject: Landorus-T The Terra Therain   Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:17 am





Placed Tier:OU


The arrival of BW2 brought the Therain forms,each form having a some sort of boost.Landorus-T is often the least used therian form due to its slow speed and list of weaknesses. However Landorus-T does have its upsides such as its ability to stop most physical sweepers with its good bulk and its new ability Intimidate. Landorus-T also gains a ground breaking 145 base attack that can easily be used to demolish anything that stands in its way. Landorus-T also gains new moves such as Stealth Rock and Super Power which help it take on new threats,so without a further ado,its time to introduce Landorus-T,the Terra Therian.

Set #1: Bulky Stealth

EVs: 252 HP / 80 ATK / 176 DEF

- Stealth Rocks
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge / Smack Down / Gravity
- U-turn / Super Power / Hidden Power Ice

Set Explanation:This sets main purpose is to set up Stealth Rocks while being a good tank at the same time. Earthquake is Landorus-T main reliable STAB move,that can easily get rid of certain key threats like Tyranitar and Heatran. Stone Edge can provide a nice EdgeQuake combination but can also be substituted for the move Smack Down or Gravity to stop pokes with Levitate or Skarmory,who can wall this set with ease. U-turn can be used for a reliable way to switch out while Super Power hits Ferrothorn for some good damage.Hidden Power Ice is good at stopping Gliscor and the Dragons.
The EVs allow for Landorus-T to be a great physical tank.The defense Evs combined with Intimidate stop nearly every physical sweeper out there,so things like Dragon Dance Dragonite and Banded Scizor almost always have to switch out. However a good Ice Beam or Scald can easily cripple or stop this set so beware.

Set #2: Rock Polish Sweeper

Item:Life Orb / Lum Berry
EVs: 252 ATK / 76 DEF / 180 SPE
Nature:Adamant / Naughty

- Rock Polish
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge / Brick Break
- Outrage / Hidden Power Ice

Set Explanation:This set is a great late game sweeper or even mid game sweeper when used correctly with the right support. After a Rock Polish Landorus-T's speed hits 526.which is basically out speeding the entire metagame,even Scarfed Latios. An Adamant Nature Earthquake wrecks whatever stands in its path that isn't a Flying type. Stone Edge provides a nice EdgeQuake combo and hits Rotom-W and other Flying types hard,this can be swapped for brick Break to hit Steel Types like Ferrothorn and Forretress,but Earthquake usually takes care of them. Outrage hits Latios and other Dragons immunse to Earthquake hard and is an effective way to finish them,but be wary of confusion. Hidden Power Ice is here to hit Breloom and Gliscor,as well as opposing Landorus.
The EVs allow Landorus-T to outspeed even Scarfed Latios while getting the maximum offensive power it needs.The rest of the EVs go into defense for bulk but can go into special attack if you want extra power.This set doesn't fear Genesect and others has much but be wary of things like Rotom-W and other bulky waters with Scald.

Landorus-T is a great poke that is mainly a tank but can be used as a powerful physical sweeper. Other sets for Landorus-T can be Scarfed or Banded,or even mixed or Special Sweeper sets,but these sets usually fail to the original form of Landorus,who is faster. Landorus-T has some notable weaknesses,Genesect can out speed unless Landorus-T has a Rock Polish up and can easily OHKO with Ice Beam. Rotom-W can either hit with Hydro Pump or use Will-O-Wisp while Mamoswine can Ice Shard.mKeldeo can easily use Surf ir Hydro Pump while Politoed can do the same. Landorus-T prefers bulky walls such has chansey or Blissey who he can switch into without the fear of taking a Ice Beam or Surf. Ferrothorn can also work as a good partner that can easily absorb water attacks all day. Rotom-W can take both Ice and Water attacks and can act as a good VoltTurn partner for Landorus-T. So while having its weaknesses Landorus-T is a good tank that can also act as other powerful sets that can rise above the other therian forms.So continue to enjoy these strategies and more to come and also the amazing Terra Therian.

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Landorus-T The Terra Therain
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