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 Zapdos-The Electro Bird

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PostSubject: Zapdos-The Electro Bird   Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:47 pm


Lightning Rod



Placed Tier: UU


Zadpos appeared as one of those hipster bird pokemon in the RBY days,and was a versatile pokemon from the start. Now in the days of BW and BW2 zapdos haas gotten more tools that make it a more offensive poke,but at the same time a great defensive poke as well. With 125 base special attack and a nice 100 base speed,Zapdos is now a speedy threat with some good 90 / 85 / 90 defenses. However Zapdos dislikes Stealth Rocks and also most bulky waters cary scald which risk Zapdos getting burned,however,even with these minor set backs ,Zapdos can always find a way onto your team.

Set #1: Choice Scarf / Specs

Item:Choice Scarf / Specs
EVs: 4 DEF / 252 SATK / 252 SPE
Nature: Timid

- Volt Switch
- Thunder Bolt
- Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
- Heat Wave

Set Explanation:This set utilizes Zapdos's amazing special attack and speed to transform into into a great revenge killer and sweeper. With a choice Scarf attached Zapdos out speeds threats of the pass like Scarfed Chandelure,Moxie Heracross,and Scarfed Darmanitan. With specs Zapdos turns into a great sweeper and merciless wall breaker who destroys nearly everything that oppose it. Volt Switch is at the heart of this move set,as it allows Zapdos to hit opponents with a powerful STAB move while gaining momentum for your team,when combined with Specs,its even more powerful than ever,while with a Scarf,its great at finishing low health pokes and getting away from others. Thunder Bolt operates as a powerful STAB move and when coming off of a large 125 base attack,it does tremendous amounts of damage. Hidden Power Ice hits the dragons hard,but Hidden Power grass can hit Rock /Ground types. Heat Wave shuts down all Steel Types as well as some Grass Types.
This Zapdos can not take Stealth Rocks to well,and anything that has Protect can easily scout the attack and switch into another poke who resist,however,all Zapdos truly needs is its threats taken down to truly shine.

Set #2: Zap of Life

Item: Life Orb
EVs: 4 dEF / 252 SATK / 252 SPE

- Roost
- Thunder Bolt
- Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
- Heat Wave

Set Explanation:This set focuses on Zapdos's multiple moves and uses them for excellent coverage. With Zapdos's speed and power,not to many things can easily switch in,and usually a poke must be sacrificed to actually try to KO it. Roost operates as a way to heal off Stealth Rocks damage and Life Orb recoil. Thunder Bolt is used as the powerful STAB move that decimates anything that goes against Zapdos. Hidden Power Ice hits Gliscor and Gligar hard,as well as the Dragons. Hidden Power Grass can be used to hit Rock or Ground type pokemon. Heat Wave obliterates Steel types who thought they had a chance.
Expect this set to stick around for awhile,has nothing is going to KO it right away.

Set #3: Electro Defense

EVs: 248 HP / 8 DEF/ 252 SPE

-Toxic / Hidden Power Ice / Heat Wave
-Thunder Bolt / Discharge

Set Explanation:This set is perfect for balanced pokemon teams,and works by scaring something out to setup a Substitute,and then withering down everything else that come in with a either attacks or Toxic stall. Substitute and Roost provide a nice defensive combo that can help stall protect Zapdos from damage. Toxic destroys Zapdos's main threats when used in conjunction with Substitute and Roost. hidden Power Ice can be used to make Zapdos more balanced than offensive so it can hit Dragons and such while Heat Wave hits Steel types. Thunder Bolt is good with its power,but Discharge can be used to inflict paralysis.
This set doesn't mind Stealth Rocks as much and usually likes other pokes who can take care of its weaknesses like bulky Waters.

Other sets that can be run by Zapdos are sets with Agility and Baton Pass which are usually unexpected,also sets with different Hidden Powers like Hidden Power Flying can be used. If used on a rain team Zapdos can carry Thunder which gets 100% accuracy,while it can be used on any team due to its ability to cope well with different sets and styles.
Zapdos dislikes stealth Rocks,and sets without Roost usually need a Spinner of some sort. in OU, threats to Zapdos are Tyranitar who can use Stone Edge after easily taking a hit and things like Ferrothorn in the rain,who dont take to much damage. Genesect with Scarf can out speed all non Scarfed Zapdos sets and use Ice beam,while Mamoswine can Ice Shard. In UU,Hydreigon can take most of Zapdos's attacks and retaliate with a powerful Draco Meteorwhile a Porygon2 can easily use Ice Beam. Snorlax doesn't take to much damage from ost sets and can use Body Slam.
For partners,Zapdos prefers Bulky Waters like Slowbro and Milotic as well as spinners that can rid of Stealth Rocks. In the end Zapdos can always be used due to hits large move pool and typing. So use Zapdos wisely and make sure it is partnered with the right pokes.

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Zapdos-The Electro Bird
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