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 Wormadam - S [NU]

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PostSubject: Wormadam - S [NU]   Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:32 pm

Wormadam - S

(Strategy written by PoisonX)



HP: 60
Atk: 69
Def: 95
SpA: 69
SpD: 95
Spe: 36

Total: 424

Placed Tier: (NU)
Tiers In Which Usability Is Covered In This Analysis: (NU)

Type: Bug / Steel

Ah Wormadam, you have three forms that almost never see the light of day in competitive play. However, your "trash" form, isn't as appropriately named as a lot of people would have thought it to be. Wormadam - S have an amazing defensive typing, with only a 4 x weakness to fire. Wormadam - S also has a perfect movepool to abuse Gyro Ball with and a decent ability in Anticipation. With access to Sucker Punch and a decent stalling movepool with somewhat ok defensive stats for NU, Wormadam - S can roll its way through teams if the opponent is not prepared.

NU Set #1: (Gyro Ball)

Item: Iron Ball
Ability: Anticipation
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def or 4 SpD
IVs: 0 Speed
Nature: Brave ( + Attack, - Speed )

  • Gyro Ball
  • Toxic / Stealth Rock
  • Sucker Punch
  • Venoshock / Endeavor

Set Explanation:

This set can hit hard with the right prediction. Allow me to explain how powerful this set can get for you. While Wormadam's attack (260 with the Brave Nature) may not be alright, 150 base power Gyro Ball with Steel STAB is definitely powerful, and will take a chunk out of anything that doesn't resist it. The next option will define what kind of set you're trying to have as a secondary function. If you use Stealth Rock, you can set up hazards, then get the opponent down to your level when he hopefully nearly KO's you, then finish him off with a Sucker Punch, or, you could run Toxic and Venoshock, which will be a surprise, due to Venoshock having a base power of 130 when the opponent is poisoned. Then if the opponent gets down to real low HP. Finish him off with a Sucker Punch. The reason we are using Iron Ball on this set instead of Leftovers is because of two reasons. The first reason is that in order to make Gyro Ball more powerful, we need his speed as low as possible, and Iron Ball halves the speed of Wormadam making Gyro Ball more powerful. The second reason is for Trick users. Occasionally pokemon in NU run the move Trick, which switches their item with yours. If you can predict correctly, you can give them Iron Ball when your Wormadam - S is about to die by switching it in on a predicted Trick. Then proceed to wear the opponent down with either Gyro Ball or Sucker Punch. Then if the opponent hasn't tricked back yet, you can easily come in with a good pokemon, outspeed the trick user and take it down.

Counters to Wormadam - S (NU):

Counters: Torkoal, Torkoal is the ultimate bane of Wormadam - S. Resisting its Gyro Ball and taking Sucker Punch damage like it's a small speck of dust on its shell and proceeding to fire back with one of its STAB fire attacks. Magmortar and Camerupt also have no problems, although Magmorter below 50% should be wary of Sucker Punch. Weezing walls Wormadam - S and will cook its hide with one of its fire moves, namely Flamethrower. Muk can use Curse to stop Wormadam's onslaught and is immune to Toxic. Same with Arbok except Arbok has Coil, which is even better as it not only doesn't reduce speed but it also increases accuracy. Ferroseed is immune to Toxic and can proceed to set up Leech Seed and set up on Wormadam, Bastiodon and Probopass take basically no damage, and can set up incredibly easy. Mawile is another great counter, as it has access to fire type moves, can use intimidate to come in on an attack and proceed to deep fry Wormadam.


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Wormadam - S [NU]
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