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 Fairy tail

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PostSubject: Fairy tail   Fairy tail I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 6:29 pm

After 7 years of absence fairy tail has become on of the most laughed at guilds in all of Fiore. So they decided to enter the grand magic games, where participating guilds compete for the title of being the strongest Magic guild. But during the 7 years of being gone the new strongest guild Sabertooth isnt daring to let anyone get in their way of being the best. Through out this competition guilds are tested on little mini games along with kick ass battles that can end by the clocks hands or death off the opponent. Fairy tail knowing that they wouldnt get much rep from the crowd or other teams fairy tail found a loophole which allowed them to make 2 teams team A and B.
They later meet old friends that are in the competition and their enemies Sabertooth's members
Sting Eucliffe- light dragon
Rogue Cheney- dark dragon
Orga Nanagear- black lightning user
Rufus Lohr- memory maker
Yukino Aguria- which was replaced by Minerva.
Minerva- unknown lead/magnet power
After hearing Yukinos story of being excommunicated from her own guild just because of one lost, then humiliated by having to strip naked and have things thrown at her. Natsu rushes to the lodging of the opposing guild and goes to beat the snot out of their master but is stopped by Minerva. The next morning Erza shows everyone that she hasnt lost what shes earned and has gained by killing 100 monsters all at once by herself. Stunning the crowd and setting fear into the other guilds she holds her blade high into the air with pride. There is also a secret that fairy tail has. They are holding what was a prisoner Gerard(Jellal) Fernandes whose looking for and evil source of magic which is coming from the location that the games are being held at, so h dresses up as an old member Mystogan to help him. With its ups and down its shows that fairy tail still has what people thought they lost as the games are on going still Erza wishes to help keep Gerard safe as her old friends and many others are trying to kill him. Many plots are still to unfold in this such as why things are happening as they are and why most people are aiming at fairy tails member Lucy. Check it out if your interested
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Fairy tail
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