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 Wobbufett (BL)

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ADV: Recruit - Stage 3
ADV: Recruit - Stage 3

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Wobbufett (BL) Empty
PostSubject: Wobbufett (BL)   Wobbufett (BL) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 12:35 pm


Wobbufett (BL) Socialgroupicon_1060_1268768310

Shadow Tag


HP 190
Atk: 33
Def: 58
SpA: 33
SpD: 58
Spe: 33

Total: 405

Placed Tier: BL

Type: Psychic
Who knew that Team rocket had such an amazing pokemon aw well its a monster

Set #1: Oh hi

Item: leftovers
Ability: Shadow Tag
EVs: 252 defense, 252 hp, 4 special defense
Nature: Calm

- Move 1 encore/safeguard/destiny bond
- Move 2 mirror coat
- Move 3 counter
- Move 4 destiny bind/encore/safeguard

Set Explanation: this thing IS BOSS it traps a pokemon in then deals double damage then when your about to kill it destiny bond good luck to all who see a wobbufett

Set Explanation: this thing hits hard against basically anything. its coverage is astounding. its 100 speed and 252 speed evs with timid nature makes it extremly fast and its specs and 252 special attack evs make shaymin hit like a truck. not many can stop this set if you can predict correctly. safeguard can stop toxic and burn while encore can make you KNOW what your opponent is doing
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Wobbufett (BL)
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