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 Genesect-The OU Roach

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PostSubject: Genesect-The OU Roach   Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:16 pm



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One of the most common pokemon in the OU metagame these days,and for a good reason,its multiple attacks,the power to add momentum to teams via U-turn,combined with its excellent typing, resistances,and powerful moves,Genesect usually has an open spot for it on any team due to the fact it can be used on any weather team and it counters more than half of the metagame.

Nature:Hasty or Naive
-ThunderBolt/BugBuzz/GigaDrain/HP Ground
This is the classical Scarfed Genesect set.U-turn allows for some great momentum,mainly on VoltTurn and offensive based teams.When combined with a download attack boost U-turn can be a great offensive tool.IceBeam hits Dragonite and other Dragons hard,and with a +1 in special attack almost nothing can survive it.Flamethrower hits the main hazard setters of OU hard,like Forretress,Ferrothorn,and Skarmory.ThunderBolt can be used to hit Politoed in the face,while GigaDrain hits Gastrodon,Mamoswine,and Rotom-W harder while recovering HP.BugBuzz is a powerful STAB move that shouldn't be underestimated.HP Ground may look questionable at first but it hits Heatran and opposing fire types for ome amazing damage.This is one of the most common sets in OU,and with so many options its hard to predict and mainly requires the opponet sacrificing at least 1 poke to actually KO it.

-GigaDrain/BugBuzz/ThunderBolt/HP Ground
This set is a pure monster,and can sweep entrie teams unprepared for it.It can sometimes be looked at as the better of the scarf sets depending on the situation.After a RockPolish,Gene outspeeds the entire metagame,even the scarfed pokes dont stand a chance.IceBeam combined with ExpertBelt can OHKO Dragonite with a DownLoad boost,multiscale or not.Flamethrower takes out Skarmory,Ferrothorn and Forretress,as well as Scizor.GigaDrain heals any HP loss while ThunderBolt hits hard.BugBuzz cunters anything Psychic while HP Ground can demolish Heatran easily.This is one of the most dangerous sets ever,and without proper support,can wreck almost any team that stands in its way,mainly in late game situations.

Nature:Hasty or Naive
Yes this set does look strange and unusual but it is suprisingly effective.U-turn is even more powerful than ever when combined with the ChoiceBand,and with a +1 in Atk it can easily rid of opponets like Tyranitar who are now OHKOed.IronHead is for STAB and for that os so wonderful chance of flinch,while ZenHeadButt can be used on fighting types who may try to switch in due to their resistance like Keldeo.QuickAttack makes for some good low health revenge killing while IceBeam can be chosen to hit the dragons.Flamethrower is needed for Ferrothron and other steel type friends who may try to wall this set.

Genesect is one of the main pokemon in OU who you are guaranteed to find in more than half of all battles.Its main weakness lies in other Scarfed pokemon who are much faster,like Terrakion,Keldeo,and the latis with HP Fire.However,Genesect can be placed in any weather and does well in weatherless as well.It should always be considered a threat and an optional poke when making a OU team.

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Genesect-The OU Roach
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