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 Galvantula The Ele-Spider

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PostSubject: Galvantula The Ele-Spider   Galvantula The Ele-Spider I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2012 2:31 pm


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Placed Tier: RU / LU


Galvantula appeared as one of the coolest bug pokemon out there,and it backs this up with its great coverage and powerful moves.However Galvantula has a weakness to common Fire type moves and also Stealth Rocks. This makes Galvantula a poke that needs some consideration before it is placed on your team,but when used correctly it will truly shine.

Set #1: Bug of Choice

Item:Choice Scarf / Choice Specs
EVs: 252 SATK / 4 SDEF / 252 SPE
Nature: Timid

- Thunder
-Bug Buzz
-Volt Switch
- Energy Ball / Hidden Power Fire

Set Explanation:With Galvantula's high 108 base speed and access to the move Volt Switch,it can become a great revenge killer as well as a scout. Thunder's accuracy shoots to 91%,and is Galvantula's most powerful STAB,it has great coverage when combined with Galvantula's secondary STAB,Bug Buzz. Energy Ball hits Ground types hard,mainly things like Sandslash and Quagsire. Hidden Power Fire can be used to expand Galvantula's coverage to hit things like Steelix.
With a Scarf attached Galvantula is a great scout and speedy revenge killer while with Specs the power of its already amazing move skyrockets to unimaginable levels. The EVs allow for fast and powerful revenge killer to maximize its effectiveness.

Set #2: LifeVantula

Item:Life orb
Ability: Compoundeyes
EVs: 252 SATK / 4 SDEF / 252 SPE
Nature: Timid

- Thunder
- Bug Buzz
- Energy Ball
- Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice

Set Explanation: This set aims to sweep and use its multiple coverage moves to tear holes in opposing teams. Thunder and Bug Buzz operate as powerful STAB moves that have great coverage,decimating Flying,Water,and Grass types in RU. Energy Ball hits Ground types hard mainly Quagsire. Hidden Power Fire hits Ferroseed and Steelix while Hidden Power Ice hits Altaria and other Dragons.
The EV spread makes Galvantula a great late game sweeper who can use its high speed to hit Typhlosion and Entei,two of its main threats.

Set #3: Agility Sweeper

Item: Life Orb / Focus Sash
Ability: Swarm
EVs: 252 SATK / 4 SDEF / 252 SPE
Nature: Timid

- Agility
- Electro Ball
- Bug Buzz
- Energy Ball / Hidden Power Fire

Set Explanation: The idea behind this set is to become an efficient late game sweeper who comes in on something it can scare out,or by using its pitiful defensive stats to activate the Focus sash and give it time to setup an Agility.
After a Agility Galvantula is the fastest poke around,and Electro Ball becomes an even more powerful STAB than Thunder. Bug Buzz adds to the coverage. Energy Ball like always hits Ground types while Hidden Power Fire hits Ferroseed and Steelix.
While this set is risky to play it can act as a great late game sweeper once its checks and counters are down.

Other options for Galvantula can be a Expert Belt set to bluff the Scarf and get some surprise KOs or a substitute plus 3 attacks that can do just as well.
Like all Bug type pokemon however Galvantula hates Stealth Rocks,and powerful Fire type pokemon like Typhlosion and Entei can easily OHKO it with a STAB fire type move. Special defensive Laurn can easily take a hit and counter with scald while Special defensive Steelix can do the same and counter with a STAB Earthquake. Electivre can come in on any Choice Scarf or Specs set and take the eletric move easily only to counter sweep.
Good partners for Galvantula are Sandslash,who can spin away and setup Stealth Rocks which greatly benefits Galvantula. Lanturn and Alomomola make good partners as well as they can take about any Fire attack. With its excellent coverage and speed galvantula will always be a threat,and once its counters are down it can become even more destructive and powerful,so make good use of the Ele-Spider pokemon.

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Galvantula The Ele-Spider
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