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 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit [Review]

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit [Review]   Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:08 pm

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit


This review was written on January 11th, 2012
Reposted on July 24th, 2012

Basic Information:
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is a fighting game that allows the player the opportunity to let their character battle other characters controlled by the in game AI, or another player both on or offline depending on the mode of play the player or players choose. The game's Z Chronicles story mode allows players the chance to relive key points of the three sagas within the Dragon Ball story with the aid of items called Drama Pieces that give what has been called an immense Dragon Ball experience. (Taken from Wikipedia)
[Rated T for Teen]


Average Completion Time:
5-7 Hours

I received a request to do a review on this game, and seeing as I liked Dragon Ball Z, I went and borrowed a copy of this game from my friend and have been playing through it. It only took a short time to notice several faults in the game that keep it from being a game that I would purchase, it just simply doesn't have enough content and such content is recycled from earlier games. I was utterly disappointed, especially with the amount of praise this game was getting, however it does have some good points. I stopped playing the game midway the story because it was simply boring as hell.

It's the typical Dragonball Z plotline like in every Dragon Ball Z video game, if you're even considering buying this game you'll most likely know the plotline. So i'm not going to go into it. However there are a lot of inconsistencies from the plotline in the game compared to the anime.

The Verdict:
The Pros:
+Beautiful graphics with a unique style that isn't used that often
+Battles can be entertaining if you turn off the Drama Piece feature
+Decent voice acting from the cast of the anime
+Story mode is fun to play through

-Online play is so lag-ridden that it's almost unplayable (this is coming from a person with a super ridiculously good connection)
-The Drama piece feature gets annoying as hell, and breaks strategic combos simplifying the game (you can turn off this in the options however)
-A lot of the animations are recycled from earlier games
-Shitty character selection with only 21 characters
-Lots of inconsistencies and plot errors (for example, in the game, Vegeta still has his tail on Namek, but he had his tail cut off on Earth by Yajirobe)
-Lackluster soundtrack
-Battles don't have the epic factor that earlier DBZ games did
-Characters are extremely unbalanced
-Not as many mode choices as earlier DBZ games
-Everything gets repetitive after story mode

Overall Rating:
4.7/10 (47/100)
(Probably the worst Dragon Ball Z game ever made, which is a disappointment, from what I heard this was the first DBZ game to come to the 7th generation of video game consoles, I could be wrong, not feeling the desire to research that at the moment, stay clear the hell away from this game if you are a fan of DBZ, you will be disappointed.)



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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit [Review]
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