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 Empoleon-UU Strategies

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PostSubject: Empoleon-UU Strategies   Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:01 pm



With its unique typing,strong defenses,and strong offenses,Empoleon is obviously a top notch pokemon that is usually forgot these days with the many fighting types that roam the UU metagame.However,Empoleon always seems to find a way to stick around with its above average movepool and stats.When combined with the right pokemon partners,Empoleon is sure to fit on any team without to much of an issue.

-IceBeam/Grass Knot
This set has a lot of variety,with so many options it can be tough to choose.However,Empoleon in the end is a great pokemon when it comes to setting up StealthRocks.Roar can phaze pokemon out and is helpful on more defensive stall based teams that need more entry hazard damage.Protect helps scout an opponets moves more easily and allows Empoleon to regain health via leftovers if needed.Toxic poisons certain counters like SubCalmMind Raikou who are trying to switch in and certain fighting types(be cautious of Guts though).Scald and Surf are mainly for STAB,Scald is usually the better option on incoming fighting types as the chance to burn is great.IceBeam can hit grass types for a decent amount of damage while GrassKnot hits other water types.This sets amazing Special Defensive bulk allows it to take at least one ThunderBolt from Raikou as well as being a good counter against the ubiquitous Chandelure.

With its amazing special attack combined with ChoiceSpecs,Empoleon is sure to gain a KO or two.Coming into something that Empoleon counters may force a switch,and if late game when entry hazards are up and its would be counters are weakened Empoleon is sure to force some sacrifices.Heracross,Raikou,and others may get KOed by a Specs HydroPump,the most merciless attack on this set.IceBeam combined with Specs makes grass type switch ins like Shaymin more rare.GrasKnot makes bulky waters unsure if they should switch in or not while Scald is a more accurate form of HydroPump with lower power and a chance to burn.The EV spread allows Empoleon to gain a nice bulk and a decent speed stat that allows it to tear through slower pokemon.Defensive Xatu,Defensive Claydol and more can be out sped and KOed with relative ease.This set functions better has a late game sweeper,cleaning up whats left of teams that have been ravaged with entry hazard damage and other damage.


There are many other sets that can be added such as a suprising SwordDance set to the Agilty set which i may add later if I have more time.Empoleon is a great poke offensively and defensively.Its counters however are the fighting types that roam UU as well as electric types like Raikou.Some good partners may be something like Dusclops who can tank fighting attacks and electric attacks as well as use Empoleon has help against Chandelure.Zapdos can also help against fighting types but be wary of StoneEdge.Enjoy yourselves with the penguin of pride.

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PostSubject: Re: Empoleon-UU Strategies   Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:32 pm

wow empoleon is a MONSTER
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Empoleon-UU Strategies
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